Virtual Magic

It all starts from the comfort of your home

In times like these, entertainment is even more important, and because of that, I'd like to offer a Virtual Magic Event (VME) to help with that!

Every school across the nation is shut down, kids are bored, people are missing birthdays, family reunions, happy hours, and other special events.  You and your guests from anywhere in the country will share a private, interactive Magic show where everyone has a front row seat! Today is the perfect time to celebrate, don’t just let the weeks slip by. This offering is an opportunity to create impactful experiences now!

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Corporate Clients

Check out just SOME of the corporate clients that Derek Ostovani has already performed his signature Virtual Magic Entertainment for! It doesn’t matter, groups large and small, private or corporate, Derek has something to astonish you!!

What Occasions is this good for:

  • HAPPY HOUR: Happy Hour functions serve to keep peoples social functions going with some relevant content!
  • FAMILY FUN NIGHT: Kids are bored, and monopoly is getting old!
  • OFFICE PARTYThis helps to keep everyone’s energy and morale up… this way they’ll work more!

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Close-up/Stand-up Magician/Mentalist & Hypnotist

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (619) 813-0539

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