Why Book a Wedding Magician?

Not many people know the power of a Wedding/Cocktail Magician.

Not many people know the power of a Wedding/Cocktail Magician. Have you ever been to a wedding and were thinking, "when am I gonna get to eat?" Or maybe you didn't know anybody, or God forbid, maybe, it was the same ol' cookie cutter wedding you've been to time and time again!

Well during that time, the Bride, Groom, and Bridal party are busy taking pictures, and frankly that time could take a lot longer than one anticipates.

That's where I come in!! During the cocktail hour, I am there entertaining kids and adults alike! I come in and break the ice for those tables that have a group of people that never met before. Because let's be honest, most of the times you are at a wedding, you don't know very many people. Maybe the occasional person here or there, or maybe just your spouse. Or maybe your spouse knows people and you don't. I come in, I'm funny, charismatic, and a hell of a good Magician! Your guests will have such a blast and they won't be able to know if they are supposed to be laughing their head off or stunned in silence! And if the kiddos are getting out of hand or can't keep busy, I got this!

Many weddings are very much the same, trust me.... I've been to dozens of weddings. Some personal friends, and some weddings I've performed at, and it's rare that anything sets them apart. Although this is your special day, let's be honest with each other, you are only doing this for your guests. So what I do, creates the most epic of memories, and I promise your guests will never forget it.

What's unfortunate is that you and the bridal party are typically busy during this time, so no worries, I can come to your Love table at the end and do something special for you, or better yet, you can also have me come to the dinner rehearsal for a combined event and you, your spouse, and your bridal party can get a sneak preview what their guests will see on your special day.


Don't be fooled by just hiring ANYONE who does card tricks. You want an absolute professional. One who does Magic for a living. Also, make sure they do Wedding Expos. That shows that they've done this a bunch of times and are serious in performing for weddings. Make sure this person has at LEAST 12 years experience as a professional Magician. Also, make sure they have a public place that they perform at so you can have a chance to go and see them live. Even if you don't have a chance to see them, if they are being employed to perform at a place regularly, that is a good sign. No respectful business would want to associate anything that is not of quality with their establishment. Finally, Make sure this is an award winning Magician. That means they have competing among other Magicians and have placed 1st place.


"If you want unbelievable magic and laughter he is the guy!!!! Very good magician with what seemed like a never ending supply of tricks. I went on a date with my fiance to one of his performances and we were both extremely impressed!!" - James H.

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