What to do in San Diego? →

Or specifically, Carlsbad?

What to do in San Diego?

So what to do in San Diego or specifically, Carlsbad? Good question! There’s tons of stuff to do in the touristy city of San Diego. But here’s a new one for you, Thursday nights beginning March 12th, me and a fellow Magician and Mentalist will be debuting our 60-70 minute show called, “Completely Mental”.

What is “Completely Mental” about?

During the show you will be able to have your mind read and we’ll know things way before you know them yourself! “Completely Mental” is the only two-person Mentalism show of its kind, with double the mind reading and double the amazement! Master Mentalists Derek Ostovani and John Hankins have combined their talents to bring you an evening full of laughter and astonishment. They take you on an interactive exploration of the mysteries of the mind, combining sophisticated humor and mental miracles to create a uniquely entertaining experience.

Who is this show good for?

You might be asking yourself, “Is this show good for me? Is it for kids? Is it for adults? What kind of occasion is this good for?” Let me break down who would benefit from this show:

  • Anyone ages 10 and up
  • Date night
  • Company outing
  • Anyone who enjoys the Mind Reading and Mentalist side of Magic
  • Anyone looking for an entertaining show & a great night out

Where is the show?

Another good question! The show is located in a theater in the heart of Carlsbad in North County San Diego., also known as Carlsbad Village. It’s called The Certainty Theater and it is newly remodeled with a 4300 square foot space that holds 300 seats with an all new original extended stage that could not be any better. The entire inside of the building has been renovated with new pristine black carpet, refurbished seating, and beautiful Velour drapery. You’re gonna love it!

How can I buy tickets for “Completely Mental”?

Tickets can be found at www.certaintytheater.com. There are two types of tickets, General Seating and VIP. Tickets are going fast, so hurry to the website to purchase tickets now! See you there!

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