"The Magic Man with Derek Ostovani" Podcast

Derek Ostovani - featured on The DreamMason Podcast

My latest podcast has dropped!

If you ever wondered how someone gets into Magic and what my story of a Magician looks like, you'll love this listen. On episode 166, I partnered up with Alex Terranova, host of The DreamMason Podcast and the author of Fictional Authenticity, who is also a personal & professional performance Coach; to bring you an insight of how I got into it, how I transitioned from an Engineer to a full-time Magician, and how things have been going since the pandemic and how I've managed to change the platform of Magic.

I never knew Alex before, but we met each other during one of my performances where I was a surprise guest for one of his friend's birthdays. It was super intimate, and no one really knew what was happening, what to expect, or what really good Magic looks like. 

Why hire a Magician you ask?

Well, Alex gets into it at the beginning of the podcast from a perspective of someone who thought it was likely going to be cheesy but was so in awe, that he reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be a part of his DreamMason Podcast. This might inspire you to realize what you're missing for any type of live engagement.

Have a listen and let me know what you think!


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