San Diego Magician back to New Mexico!

To perform for Hobbs Jr. College...

Here we are again - I am writing this blog while I am at the airport waiting for my connecting fight back to New Mexico to perform for Hobbs Jr. College. It was just about a month ago that I traveled from San Diego to New Mexico to perform a Hypnosis show out there. They found me because I had performed for a college out in out in Arizona. At the time, I was performing Magic and hypnosis when I lived out there. The director that hired me, relocated to New Mexico, and I relocated back to San Diego and became full time. When you make a good impression, your clients will follow you, no matter where you go, or even where they go!

So they are having me back to perform my mind blowing close-up Magic, Mentalism, and pick-pocketing. When I was there last month, I remember the students being a fantastic group! This is one of those Jr. Colleges where there is a heavy emphasis on one’s concentration. Unlike when I went to Jr. College, where I received an AA before transferring to a 4 year University, this school is geared towards getting into a profession right after graduation. So a lot of these young men and women are highly focused on their studies, athletics, and/or even their profession to be, and they don’t get a chance to really let loose and see the fantasy world that Magic and Hypnosis can provide for somebody.  You can tell because they are all so eager to watch, they are all so impressed, and are all so appreciative that I’ve come out all the way from San Diego, California to entertain them. And the reality is, not only is it my job, but it is my pleasure!

I’m so fortunate to be able to do what I love! Not many have that option in life… heck, not many even have found something they love. But when you do… when you find what it is you are passionate about, you know it! It hits you like a ton of bricks! So even though I am traveling to a small town in New Mexico, and left my house at 9:30 this morning, and I won’t arrive at my hotel, till probably close to midnight (central time), it is all to do what I love. And I love it so much, because of all the people’s lives I touch, change, and even just seeing their faces light up.

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