San Diego Corporate Magicians Unique Magic Trick

I destroy them with this!

As a corporate Magician here in San Diego - I find myself very busy performing most days of the week. The more I perform, the more I develop my own style and create twists on existing tricks and plots. Well I have been performing a crazy coincidence of a trick for several years now. Here’s what happens:

A bill and a phone are borrowed and left out in plain view.  The phone’s calculator is used to input and multiply several numbers chosen strictly by the spectators to come up with a randomized number. That is then set aside and forgotten about while a deck of cards is pulled out and shuffled by the spectator to show that it is in no special order and the cards are ordinary. The cards are then broken up into 4 piles and two of them are turned faced down. The chaotic condition of the cards are then set after they are shuffled face up into face down. The face down cards are then removed and the spectator helps to further shuffle the order of those cards by deciding how they are dealt.  The spectators read out the number on the calculator as the cards are turned over, and they miraculously match the exact number.  Just when the audience thinks the trick is over, we remember the bill. Not only do the cards match the generated number, but they match the serial number on the bill that was borrowed at the very beginning.

I was very excited, as this was my very first public release. That means that thousands of Magicians throughout the world will be viewing my product, purchasing it, and learning it. This is the kind of thing that I use in my corporate work. A lot of times, it’s what I end my set with, or at the end of the night, if they ask for one more thing, I destroy them with this!

You can see the trailer for it here:

If you ever want to see the creator do it in person, just catch me at my next corporate event! Feel free to reach out to me for my availability and pricing!

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