Holiday Parties

How has your Holiday events been so far!?

How has your Holiday events been so far!? Well personally, I've been to at least 5 or 6 myself! As a Corporate Entertainer and Magician, you try to attend as many as possible. Why? Because this is prime time for a Magician! Last week alone I had 5 shows in just 4 days, all of them Corporate. I must say, by the end of that fourth day, I was exhausted!! It's interesting that during the holidays, you begin to truly work as one would work at a regular job, maybe not 9-5, but definitely you begin to work on a daily basis!

Why should you have a Magician at your Holiday event? It’s a great idea for a number of reasons. First of all, most holiday parties include the spouse and/or family and typically they do not know anyone else at the event. So having a Magician there is really a great way to break the ice between small groups of people. It gets them interacting together, and even more important, laughing together! Another reason is that, of course you want your event to be successful and memorable; another great reason to have a Magician. I can’t speak of all Magicians, but I know I leave lasting memories that people talk about for years to come! Depending on what Magic I’m doing, sometimes they’ll even be left with a little souvenir. Either way, your event will be talked about all the way till your next event, where you’ll hire me back to create more lasting memories!

Often for these Holiday Christmas events, companies tend to have them in great ballrooms, or fancy restaurants with beautiful views on the harbor. Pictured below was one of the venues I performed at. You can see how festive it was decorated. Just outside was an absolutely breathtaking view of the San Diego Skyline. One of the perks about being a Magician, is each time your office changes and usually they are in very nice and chic locations. Next time you have an event, holiday or not, don't forget the Magic of Ostovani! And don’t forget, I will keep everyone engaged, laughing, baffled, and they’ll NEVER forget it!

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