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As I approach this holiday season as a Corporate Entertainer, and my first season as a full-time professional, I have realized 2 things that seem to counter each other.

As I approach this holiday season as a Corporate Entertainer, and my first season as a full-time professional, I have realized 2 things that seem to counter each other. 1) This is the busiest month of the year and my most lucrative. 2) This month is actually slower than the rest of the year for an actual working pro. As a professional corporate entertainer, the rest of the year should be a good consistent and steady flow. This time of year is bogged down by many smaller events for company parties.  So my goal is to ensure that I have a steady flow of income streaming in for the other 11 months out of the year. That's the true job of a full time entertainer. And I plan to monopolize the California market as a Corporate Magician, and from there move throughout the country. In 2015, I booked my one highest paid shows in which I traveled to Chicago for a high end event that was held at a lavish home of a well-known investor. However I was referred for that show, but a few weeks ago, I personally booked a  show higher paid than that, right here in San Diego, no travel required. I believe this to be one key ingredient to success.

How to Look for the Right kind of Entertainment for your Holiday event

Your holiday party will likely consist of not only employees, but the family of employees too. People will be engaging with others that have never met before. And if you want to break the ice, you can have no better entertainment than a strolling Magician during cocktail hour. Sometimes there is even children at the event, and this is a great way to keep little Billy entertained a bit between groups of people. Also, if you are looking for a type of entertainment where everyone is engaged at the sametime for an after dinner show, a Magician is great for that too! Some Magicians, such as myself, offer both, strolling Magic as well as a stand-up show. If your venue offers the capability for that, it’s a great way to go out with a bang! Ultimately, the combination of strolling Magic as well as a 30-45 min stage performance is ideal. In my experience, when the Magician is up in front of the Company, and they’d already seen a few miracles in front of their eyes, the audience tends to be much more engaged because they feel more connected with the man they just interacted with moments ago! Also, you look like a hero for making the event a huge success!

When to book your Holiday Entertainment?

Most people look to book their entertainment a month before their event, max. That is a BAD idea! Think about booking it around the same time as the venue. If you don’t want the venue to be booked up, you also don’t want your entertainment booked up. December is one of the busiest times of the year for entertainment. Especially if your event is a Friday or Saturday, good luck!!! You do have better chances if your event is on a weekday. But just don’t take any chances and book as soon as you can. I have got some of my bookings almost an entire year before, however, that is usually repeat bookings. They’ll call me and say, we loved you so much, we want you back! All that being said, a good time to start booking to be safe is in June. Good luck and I hope you find the entertainment you’re looking for!

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