Corporate Holiday Entertainment

Looking for Entertainment for your Holiday Event?

Looking for Entertainment for your Holiday Event?

Are you the one tasked with the job to find the right kind of entertainment for you Holiday Event? Of course you are! Think about hiring a Magician!

A lot of people don’t think to because they see Magic on TV or on a big stage, and so they think this isn’t really something they can have on a smaller scale. But the truth is, I am  readily available Holiday Events for any size and show! Magic is a great option because I can either put on a show, where I am on stage in front of everyone, mingle with the crowd, or the best option… BOTH! That allows me to engage with the guests and they get to know me and see Magic right in front of their eyes and experience it in their hands. Then when I go on in front of everybody, the crowd already loves me and enjoy the show even more!

What is strolling Magic?

My strolling close-up show titled "Ice Breaker".  This is perfect entertainment to include during a cocktail reception.  Here’s how it works – People usually arrive to most venues at different times, those that arrive early are sitting around waiting for the event to start as other people start to arrive.  During this waiting period I move through the crowd and engage people with some Close-Up Magic.  This is perfect for groups of 1-5 people.  In many cases a CROWD will gather and from there I can easily transition into a few close up illusions that are perfect for the larger group.  As a Special Bonus I will present a customized close-up illusion that will highlight the Holiday Event. With enough notice I can customize a close-up this illusion to say something unique in relation to the Event or your company. This would be the perfect vehicle to deliver a message while keeping everyone thoroughly entertained and most importantly Magically highlighting the event.

What about the stage show?

I will perform my Las Vegas style close-up Magic show.  This takes place AFTER dinner or at the end of the event and will compliment the rest of the party perfectly.  Some people may have to leave and others may stick around, this way everyone has something to do.  Here’s what it’s all about.  Usually after dinner and the other festivities, there are a number of people asking to see more Magic.  This is the perfect moment to perform this specialized presentation. I position myself at a table and people gather around and we have a blast on and off for the duration of the evening.  During this presentation the Magic is a little more formal without taking away from the rest of the party.  When you choose the combination, it’s like getting two shows!  

So don’t hesitate any longer, as dates go quick! Reach out today to get your Holiday Entertainment booked to make your Event memorable!

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