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Magician Derek Ostovani is no stranger to Trade Shows! In fact, statistically Magicians are the 2nd BEST way to not only attract a client, but to get across your company’s message. The 1st is a demo, but not all services can be demoed (see chart below). Whether you want Derek to come up with a message to convey your products and services, or you want to consult with him so together you can make sure your vision comes to life, Derek will use his creative thoughts and ingenuity to create the strongest message for his clients utilizing his unique brand of character and Magic.

Can you stop traffic at your booth?

Let’s be honest - I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it. The sales team hangs out in the booth and waits for the clients to come to THEM. That’s not a very proactive approach to gaining more leads. They don’t end up “working” the trade show. Let Derek, do what he does best - draw a crowd, deliver a message, and hand them over to the sales team to educate them on your products and services.

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How to qualify attendants

Derek asks qualifying questions during his presentation  that enables your sales team to target the clients that utilize your products and services. This maximizes their time and effort in talking to the right people!

How to incorporate YOUR message, YOUR products, and YOUR company

Derek can customize each and every trade show to highlight the products and services that you are demonstrating. He works closely with your team to develop unique scripts and Magic effects to utilize during his presentation. Between Derek’s presentation style, contagious vibe, quick humor/wit, and amazing Magic skills, you are NO DOUBT going to draw a crowd that will make you wide eyed and make you MONEY!!!

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Close-up/Stand-up Magician/Mentalist & Hypnotist

Email: [email protected]

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